Comfortable shoes for men and women

High quality comfy shoes for everyone and everywhere

Since 1899 our company is distinguished by its products of the highest quality. Uniting the most advanced technology with our craftsmanship techniques we get a higher quality, strength and comfort footwear; without neglecting the design.

All our experience over more than 100 years would be useless if we would not use materials of the best quality. Our shoes are made with premium raw materials and they exceed stringent quality controls of the footwear industry.

We select leathers, mainly, in the best tanneries of Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Therefore we have a very wide selection of leathers. In addition, we have the use of the patent one of the most exclusive and demanded leather market, such as Sympatex.

All our raw materials, our machinery and our end products have passed all quality controls that Spanish footwear industry establishes in its standards.

zapatos comodos y de calidad

From models design to final packaging, we take care of each pair lovingly and carefully so that whenever you use Losal´shoes you feel that comfort, naturalness and quality that characterizes them.

The same hands that 100 years ago, the same landscape of our city, the same attention by small details, the same love and dedication. The world has changed, but our values, our philosophy and how we manufacture in Calzados Losal have not done.

Factors that we establish, as a basic rule, within our company to ensure comfort in all our shoes are:

1. Right fit:

  • Adaptation of footwear to size and foot shape.

2. Biomechanical factors:

  • Adaptation of footwear to physiological movements of foot.
  • Shock absorbing capacity.
  • Features friction between footwear and floor.
  • Pressure distribution.

3. Climatic factors:

  • Thermal isolation.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Humidity control.
  • Ventilation.