The media highlights the collaboration of Calzados Losal with the School of Design of Ferrol.

The University School of Industrial Design of Ferrol has decided to introduce this course a new subject that has to do with fashion. They want students to get into this world and make proposals within the textile, accessories and footwear. For this last aspect, which at the same time will be the first to be addressed in the coming months, they have had the collaboration of Calzados Losal from Monforte de Lemos, dedicated, for more than 100 years, to the manufacture of shoes and boots.

Its manager, Gonzalo López Otero, has moved to Ferrol to give a seminar to a hundred students who are in third year of this training degree.

López Otero spoke about the footwear industries in a globalized world, but above all he made reference to the artisan manufacture, the hallmark of his brand, to the process that is followed from the choice of a last, through design, to finishing.

The idea is that students, divided into groups of between four and six people, develop viable proposals during this course. They will travel to Monforte de Lemos to know first-hand the entire manufacturing process and, at the same time, to ask Gonzalo López Otero for advice on his ideas.

Those that at the end of the course are considered more interesting will be manufactured in the factory of the city of Cabe to see the result, to have the shoe, man or woman, designed by students in hand and not just a recreation in three dimensions inside a computer.

The manager of the firm Losal is very excited about this proposal, because he thinks that it can come out “very interesting things, even some that we get to surprise.” He also noted that the design of fashion footwear is “a world with a great job, so I have encouraged students to get involved in this subject that has begun to be taught at their school.”

From the center, they have said that it is “a great opportunity to access the fascinating world of fashion through footwear, one of the most complex, distinctive and decisive elements in all types of style of fashion of any era.” This is the opinion of the director of the School of Design of Ferrol, José Ramón Méndez, who opted for Losal as a reference in the development of handmade shoes.

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