Footwear from Monforte de Lemos makes its way in Asia through Italy.

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The company CALZADOS LOSAL took advantage of its presence at the Milan international footwear trade fair (MICAM89) in order to seek new foreign markets, following the line of increased exports that it has promoted in recent years.

According to Gonzalo López, manager of the firm, during the fair contacts were established with companies from Japan, China and Singapore, and also with some in central Europe; that were interested in acquiring the products made at the factory.

“These are countries with medium and high economic potential where there are many customers attracted by exclusive type shoes”, he explains.

The firm considers the result of its presence at the Milanese fair very satisfactory, to which it attended for the fourth consecutive time with its own position. In a previous edition, he was sharing space with another company.

“We are very happy with the response we had, although this year the fair suffered a very sharp drop in terms of exhibitors and the public, surely due to the Coronavirus epidemic”, says López.

On this occasion, the firm brought a collection of one hundred shoe models to the Milan trade fair, of which eighty were for men and twenty for women. All this footwear is made with the GOODYEAR WELTED technique, which is an important novelty in its offer.

“The GOODYEAR WELTED technique was previously considered something more typical of men, but we have seen that there is also much interest in this product among women now”, says Gonzalo López in this regard. “Before, we used to make very little GOODYEAR WELTED women’s shoes, only a couple of models, but we decided to bet heavily on it and the response is being excellent”, he adds.

After passing through the Italian trade fair, the company calculates that this year exports abroad can increase up to 12% of its total production. Last year this figure was 9.6% and in 2018 it was 7%.

At the Milan shoe trade fair, according to those responsible for the company Calzados Losal, shoes made with the technique called PATINA were particularly striking.
These shoes are hand-painted with a brush, which gives them a unique look.

“They are very striking and totally different from any other type of footwear, and there are very few companies that manufacture them because the process is very laborious and complex”, says Gonzalo López. “In its elaboration, only brush staining can require about four hours of work”, he adds.

Those responsible for Calzados Losal decided to first try two or three models of this type of shoe to see what response it had on the market.

“In the places where we presented them they were a total success, so we decided to continue producing them and to Milan we brought a dozen models that also had a very big pull”, he says.

In all of Spain, according to Calzados Losal, there are currently only about five companies that use the PATINA technique, which is more widely used in countries such as Italy and the United Kingdom.

“They are a new step in our commitment to exclusive and high-quality products, and among other reasons we do it precisely because most companies avoid getting involved in this type of manufacturing”, concludes Gonzalo López.


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