Footwear made in Spain

Design, comfort and shoes made in Spain

We believe in the quality of products made in Spain at Calzados Losal, so we have centralized our production in a small Galician town called Monforte de Lemos.

Calzados Losal was born in 1899 from the hands of José López Rodríguez, making comfortable shoes for the day to day and long working days. A continuous manufacturing process that reaches today, with the fourth and fifth family generation, who maintain the bet of the manufacture of quality footwear.

Losal shoes have always been, are and will be shoes made in Spain; footwear made with the utmost care, which combine the functional concept of comfort with a careful work, adapting perfectly to the needs of men and women and their lifestyle.


Calzados Losal has been positioned nationally and internationally as an ambassador brand of design, comfort and shoes made in Spain.

All their models are developed in their own facilities, to be able to guarantee that the product is manufactured in Spain.

Calzados Losal currently has a production plant in Monforte de Lemos (Lugo). Its facilities have a mix of modern and old machines, with the latest technologies applied to the world of footwear; getting together, in a single proposal, craft and technology, to create a shoe of the highest quality that suits the needs and preferences of each of our customers, and ensure maximum comfort.

The footwear Losal is authentic and recognizable, especially for using materials of great quality and for its artisan finish sewn entirely by hand.

The objective of the design team of Calzados Losal is to anticipate and solve the challenges and needs of the market, proposing innovative solutions, effective and committed to the sustainable development of the environment with designs that have evolved and adapted to the aesthetic tastes of consumers around the world.


The combination of an adequate machinery and an efficient and experienced craftsmanship is what allows Calzados Losal to maintain the production figures and to be more competitive in footwear made in Spain.

The production process has frequent quality controls in the different phases of shoe manufacturing. The Calzados Losal method always seeks to achieve the highest quality of the final product.

Calzados Losal guarantees the use of premium raw materials. The Losal shoes incorporate totally natural leathers that stand out for their lustrous, clean and with richness of chromatic nuances.

The rubber with which we make the soles is 100% natural and made in Spain, and both the outside and the inside of the shoe are lined with natural leather, which adapts to the foot and wraps in a feeling of comfort.


The comfort and design of footwear made in Spain can do much to take care of the environment in which the shoes are manufactured. For that reason, Calzados Losal, throughout its history, has made decisions that fulfill the criteria related to the care of the environment:

  • Natural leathers of the highest quality.
  • Minimum level of chromium in the leathers.
  • Use of dyes and tails to water.
  • Elimination of the use of PVC.
  • Reduction of polluting waste in their production.
  • Minimum energy consumption, thanks to photovoltaic installations.
  • 100% rubber soles.
  • Durability tested footwear.
  • 100% recycled cardboard packaging.
  • Anti-static soles.