Handmade GOODYEAR WELTED footwear with double stitched


The process of manufacturing of a LOSAL’S shoes is complex, laborious and it requires high dose of patience and attention to detail throughout the more than 250 tasks per shoe, which, manually, perform our craftsmen.

We use only the finest materials and we follow the craftsmanship GOODYEAR WELTED process. It is a costly method and craftsmanship, which requires human intervention, synonymous of a quality shoe. In fact, footwear experts assure that the unique GOODYEAR WELTED process is the best method for manufacturing a good shoe.

zapatos artesanos fabricados españa


Although at first it is a shoe that shows some toughness, after a short period of time, it becomes a more comfortable shoe, adapting like a glove to your own foot. According to experts in this type of sewing, GOODYEAR WELTED MANUFACTURING has the following advantages:

  • COMFORT: the cavity that creates the stitching between the sole and the base is filled with an agglomerate cork which takes the shape of the foot.
  • INSULATION: agglomerate cork gives an effective thermal insulation and it protects the foot.
  • FLEXIBILITY: leather welt construction is highly adaptable to all types of footwear, manners and fashions.
  • RESISTANCE: by the properties that provide the leather welt, they combine durability and comfort.


When we talk about GOODYEAR´S sewing or DOUBLE STITCHED, we refer to a process invented in England in 1869 by a craftsman called Charles Goodyear, which is essentially a double inside to outside stitching which joins the leather to the base:

  • At the first stitching, or inside stitching, we set the leather with the sole-leather insole, which places it previously a cowhide leather welt.
  • In the second stitching, or outside stitching, we set the leather welt above with the inside sole; and finally we glue the base.
calzado fabricación goodyear

A layer of agglomerated cork, which acts as a thermal insulator (cold, heat and humidity), is then placed between the two parts in which the shoe is thus divided. The characteristics of the adaptability of the agglomerated cork permit, with use, the formation of the footprint which makes the shoe or boot comfortable, resistant and durable.

Definitions for a complete understanding of the GOODYEAR WELTED process:

  • UPPER: it consists of the outer and inner skin (leather and lining).
  • LEATHER INSOLE: it is the base of the shoe. It is a sole-leather insole between 2.5 and 3.5 mm on which the shoe is assembled.
  • LEATHER WELT: it is a 3 mm thick strip of leather which joins the upper, the leather insole and the inside sole.
  • INSIDE SOLE AND SOLE: the first is a rubber template 4 mm thick while the sole can be rubber or natural sole.