The Monforte footwear industry has secured generational relief

The Monforte footwear industry, with two internationally relevant companies such as Industrias Losal and Curtidos Galaicos, has guaranteed generational change. This is possible thanks to a Dual Vocational Training (FP) cycle that began last year at the A Pinguela secondary school. There were twelve students who started and seven who this course will finish the teachings.

The industrialists of the city of Cabe praised the initiative of A Pinguela and the support of the Department of Education to launch a teaching that will serve, they highlighted, “to cover the deficit of professionals that we suffered”.

For his part, the director of A Pinguela Enrique Sampil, while highlighting his satisfaction with the commitment to a dual footwear module, regretted that the pandemic has prevented some students from leaving their studies behind and that other participating companies in the project, all from other parts of Galicia, were unable to welcome the students to carry out their internships. “Only the two companies from Monforte continued to work despite the crisis, so they had no problem with students doing internships at their facilities”.

All of them, as highlighted by Gonzalo López Otero, from Calzados Losal, and Enrique Sampil, from A Pinguela, have secured a job when the academic year ends in September of this year.

Sampil added that to offer this innovative professional training they had both the support of the Galician footwear industry and the support of the Departments of Education and Industry.

At the same time, he highlighted the fact that the bet “was not far from risky considering the number of applications submitted for this FP, which guarantees, after the two formative years contemplated in the curricular project, having a job as soon as it is have the title,” he stressed.


Industrias Losal hosted a course for thirteen teachers
Losal, within the dual FP program implemented by the Xunta de Galicia, hosted a course on the use of materials, design and handling of different types of leather. The person in charge of giving the classes to a total of thirteen teachers from different educational centers in Galicia was Gonzalo López Otero, who was delighted with this initiative, “because, in addition to learning how to cut, sew and finish a shoe, they touched the actual functioning of our company’s daily work”.

Little by little
Gonzalo López indicated that these FP textile teachers “understood that work is complicated and that the people who came to our factory did so with zero knowledge of the world of footwear. In our company, they learned little by little how to handle themselves at work, but the A Pinguela cycle opens up a world of opportunities and I hope that it will also serve to open up new opportunities both in training and in the world of work”.



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