Quality and Environmental Policy

LOSAL ZAPATO ARTESANO, S.L. is a company dedicated mainly to the manufacture and sale of footwear, aware of the high level of demand of the market and the degree of competition nowadays, we consider, as basic management principles, the realization of our activities with a high level of quality and service; that is why, through this policy that is considered appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization, to support our strategic business management; where the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of its activities, services and products are included; allows to ensure obtaining results according to:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement with the quality and environmental management system, to improve environmental performance.
  • Commitment to protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization.
  • Commitment and compliance with legal requirements and other requirements.

Therefore, we commit ourselves and we look for general objectives:

– Comply with the applicable national and international regulations and, whenever possible, go beyond the requirements that the organization subscribes.

– Implement an integrated system of quality and environmental management, and continuous improvement of the behaviour and effectiveness of the integrated management system.

– Commitments to satisfy the requirements established by our customers and obtain a high level of satisfaction.

– Reduce the environmental aspects associated with the activity developed by LOSAL ZAPATO ARTESANO, S.L. (waste, emissions, consumption, discharges, and emergencies), paying special attention to the management of those significant aspects.

– Carry out an adequate management of the waste generated, making, whenever possible, a reduction in origin.

– Train and inform workers in order to achieve a high level of quality, by familiarizing them with the documentation of the quality and environmental management system. Although these Objectives are general in the meetings of the System by the Direction; this policy is a reference framework for the establishment of quality and environmental objectives, quantifiable for a specific period of time, both for Quality and for Environmental management, including all those objective evidences that demonstrate its achievement, the person/s responsible/s and the necessary means to achieve them.

The present integrated policy is available to the public at all times, is communicated and disseminated among the members of our organization and periodically reviewed by the management for its continued adaptation.

Aditional information: management system policy.

Monforte, November 30, 2017.