The footwear, new line of experimentation for the students of Industrial Design of Ferrol.

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The classrooms and workshops of the University School of Industrial Design of the University of Coruña become, after course, in authentic laboratories of ingenuity and creativity.

After signing collaboration agreements with leading automotive and furniture firms, such as Seat or Finsa, the School of Industrial Design has now allied with one of the most emblematic companies in the Spanish footwear sector. The Galician firm Calzados Losal, a brand founded in 1.899 in Monforte de Lemos, will collaborate with the university center in the training of students. And these, in turn, as a practical work, will design different lines of footwear inspired by the philosophy of the company. «The goal is always the same: that students demonstrate their creative potential in these designs, and, then, if any of them arouse the interest of the firm, prototypes could be made or even studied the possibility of marketing them», explains the director of the school, José Ramón Méndez.

Students at the center of the campus will make shoe designs in collaboration with Calzados Losal, the firm of Monforte de Lemos.

This alliance between the center and Calzados Losal started on 22th September with the holding of a seminar within the project “New concepts of footwear in the range of products of the company”; taught by the director of the firm, Gonzalo López Otero, who explained to the students the production methods of the company, as well as the different ranges of footwear that manufactures or the types of lasts with which the company works today. On the basis of all this knowledge, the students, about 110, all of them in the third year, will now be divided into small design teams, each composed of between five and six people, with the mission of making a range of footwear that fit with the signs of identity of Calzados Losal. “The range of possibilities is enormous, because this brand has a very wide product range, ranging from mountain boots to moccasins and ankle boots made to measure,” warns Méndez.


Under the title “Footwear and fashion. Design, materials and realization processes “, the entrepreneur brought the students of the course to the design and manufacture of high-quality handmade shoes.

The quote was supposed, as it was informed from the center, “a great opportunity to access the fascinating world of fashion through footwear, one of its most complex, distinctive and decisive elements in all types of look and style of the fashion in all times “.

In addition to supposing the opening of a new line of experimentation for students, the project with the company Calzados Losal also includes another novelty, which is the implication in it of the Degree of Podiatry of the Faculty of Ferrol.
This will allow to include in the creative process of the students the aspects related to the health of the foot, a capital issue in the manufacture of footwear. The vice-dean, Fátima Santalla, and the head of the Podiatry degree, Carolina Rosende, who participated in the seminar yesterday, will be responsible for giving a seminar later on to help students with designs that do not cause discomfort or foot injuries. “It is a very positive interaction,” Mendez said.

The students, who will have to make their own proposal of handmade and quality footwear, will develop the project in two phases, even contemplating the possibility that they can develop prototypes.

To begin to inspire, yesterday they could contemplate the more than fifty pairs of shoes that the head of the Galician firm took to the school to give the seminar.

Méndez said that this new collaboration with Calzados Losal is crucial, especially now that there is little left for the implementation of the new Master of Industrial Design and Product Design in the 2018-2019 academic year. “One of the specialties of this new title will be fashion complements, hence the importance of creating new lines of collaboration with companies in the sector, such as Calzados Losal”, emphasizes the teacher and director of the school.

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