Francisco Conde highlights the tradition and innovation in the footwear craftsman Losal

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The Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde, visited, on Monday 11th, the company facilities in Monforte, which opened in the year 1899.

He noted that the company has increased its sales and employment during the economic crisis, and that its goal is to increase sales by 20%.

Conde has highlighted the commitment of the company for innovation, participating in Protgal project, of Innterconecta program, and launching an initiative to make handmade custom shoes with the help of 3D technology.

He has stressed the good performance of the sector, placing Galicia as the third footwear production nationwide, with exports that have increased by 5% on average from 2009.

The Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde, said, this Monday, Calzados Losal´s company, dean of footwear in Galicia, as a benchmark for Galician family company that seeks to grow in global markets through tradition and innovation, and a differentiated product and quality. Conde visited, by the manager of the company, Gonzalo López Otero, the facilities of the “doyenne of footwear in Galicia”, which since 1899 has occurred, in Monforte de Lemos, more than 7.000 models of shoes.

The Regional Minister has indicated the potential of this project “of fifth generation”, which stressed that, “quality, customization and trying to respond to a very specific demand”, is able to increase its turnover and employment during the economic crisis stage.

“Calzados Losal is developing a project that blends tradition and innovation”, said Conde, while stressed that it is an example to follow to convert Monforte in the “capital of handmade shoe in Galicia and Spain”. In this regard, he noted that the company works through product quality and investing in innovation, aiming to increase its turnover by 20%. “Not only is the doyenne of footwear in Galicia, but it is a reference point for that differentiated work and an innovative product that allows you to grow year after year in turnover and employment”, he added.

Conde also put relay Calzados Losal participation in the Protgal project, the Innterconecta program, for prescription, design and manufacture of footwear for feet with special needs. It has also been mentioned, in this regard, the Handcrafted initiative, that the company has recently launched to make handmade custom shoes, as betting on tools to take exact measurements of each foot customer.

“Through the digitization process, they are doing a customized product and quality handmade shoe that allow to have a product with market demand and, through that differentiation, to continue growing in the future”, the Regional Minister added. With this talent, Losal produces, annually, between 9.500 and 10.500 pairs of shoes.

Losal, the Regional Minister has stressed, is part of an increasingly important Galicia sector, which is the third in footwear production nationwide, only behind Valencia and Catalonia, and is looking for a constant global expansion. Conde stressed that the sector´s exports increased by 5% since 2009.

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